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About Me

Hey, I’m Roland. I'm studying CS + Business at USC. Outside school, I'm avid builder, creating things like Imprint and MeetPass.  I previously worked at Microsoft and Apple.

I'm passionate about maximizing impact through entrepreneurship. I believe that building new things is the most powerful catalyst for change, and I've made it a goal of mine to help others explore entrepreneurship. I work on Spark Accelerator, a student-run startup accelerator at USC to get projects from the MVP stage to their first round of seed funding. Through HackSC, I'm building a place for builders to explore new ideas.

Recently, I've found myself learning more about the financial system, UX design, and psychology. A lot of my learnings come straight from my bookshelf.

I grew up in Saratoga, CA. In my free time, I'm playing basketball, performing magic to friends and family, practicing photography, and learning to play the guitar. When I have interesting thoughts, I like to share them in writing on my blog.



Software Engineering Intern, Transfers


Software Engineering Intern, Dynamics Fraud Protection


Software Engineering Intern, Developer Publications.

Spark SC

I'm working on a variety of initiatives that bolster the entrepreneurial spirit at USC and in LA.



A social blogging platform with a focus on content ownership and accessibility.


A digital business card app that makes it easy to share all your social accounts in one scan.

Post AI

Education on the current state and future of an AI-powered world.


A mobile-first CRM for small enterprises. Won LavaLab incubator judges' award for best product.


A tool to help journalists by automatically transcribing interviews in real time.


A location based Q&A app. Ask your community anything.